Marketing Communications &

Social Media Project Overview

Over this past fall semester, I have gotten the opportunity to sharpen my critical and creative thinking along with my teamwork skills through working in an "agency-like" environment with new projects assigned every two weeks. The projects ranged from creating a fictitious marketing agency to completing a media plan for Target's 2018 holiday season. This class pushed me to think off-the-wall and go outside of my comfort zone. Below you will find highlights of my work. Enjoy!

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Tribe Marketing Agency

For our first assignment, we were tasked with creating a fictitious company that would stick with us throughout the semester. Within the company, we had to establish our roles and what type of agency we were. We decided on the name: Tribe. It was simple, it explained our team-mindedness and it showed our desire to have you join our squad. Something I loved about this quick assignment was the creative freedom. I headed the brand look of our agency and had the privilege of designing our logo.

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The 22 - New HIIT Workout

Zyn22 is a local boutique cycle place that recently decided to explore the options of expanding their service to include high-intensity interval training classes. For this assignment, we were tasked with discovering the key "insight" that would differentiate the new workout classes (which they called "The 22") and have the expansion be a success. Our team spent quite a bit of time in the primary research part of the process. Below you will find our research within their customer base that allowed us to better assess Zyn22. We also like to call the workout "ZYNtensity". This project sharpened my ability to ask questions and dig deep into research to find valuable insights.  Below you will find our research within their customer base that allowed us to better assess Zyn22.

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Neeley Premium Credentials: Professional Development Certification

TCU's business school is known for their ability to develop students and prepare them for the real world. Neeley Premium Credentials is a program that allows you to truly sharpen your interview skills, perfect your resume, and network with the community, however very few students know of this amazing opportunity. We were tasked with revamping the brand and learning who this program should market to and how. We created a position statement to focus in on who are target market for this program was:

To the student who wants to distinguish themselves from others and take advantage of their time at Texas Christian University, Neeley Premium Credentials is the only one who delivers individualized professional development through experienced career coaches who push you to discover your passions, network with the community, and prepare you for future endeavors.

We then created detailed personas to represent the students we wanted this program to reach:

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After having a better understand of WHO we were targeting, we wanted to dig deeper into WHAT those students were looking for so we created a value proposition canvas. 

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I focused more on creating the messaging timeline to keep our marketing plan consistent and on-task. We believed that exposing students to the program from the moment they stepped on campus was key to becoming a program in the consideration set of business students. As the student moves from semester to semester, the amount of exposure and messaging seen by the student heightens since the student is now moving into the target market.  

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One of my favorite parts of the project was creating the messaging that would be seen by students. In addition to the logo, I created the signage and was able to present it in a way that showed what it would look like in real life. We felt that using a sarcastic approach that explained to students that being admitted into the business school is just step one and that Neeley Premium Credentials is there to walk with you on your career journey. 

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Target Holiday Media Plan

This project strayed away from full-on creative and focused more on strategy. This was a challenging project, but allowed me to learn more of how the media side of marketing works and the planning and tactic it takes to get a message in the right place at the right time. 

We believe in this day and age, many moms struggle to find all of their children and teen's Christmas presents in one place. We want to break that holiday nightmare. With the "THAT'S A WRAP" campaign, we are portraying how simple and enjoyable it is to buy all of these gifts, whether online or in the store at Target. We want to emphasize the fun in discovering these products and the efficiency of doing it in one place. 

One of the highlights of our media campaign was our in-store activation described below:

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 10.23.37 PM.png

For this campaign, we wanted to focus on five major metropolitan cities and their surrounding suburban areas that already have a large number of Targets in close proximity. We found that focusing on the local news stations within these cities would expose our campaign to more of our target market, which included primarily mothers ages 32-50, who have children ages 3-18, living in urban cities and suburban areas. They achieve satisfaction by making their kids happy through the gifts that are not only affordable but also high quality. 


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